Acting sustainably – RaidSonic is working to protect the environment

Sustainability is no longer a trend topic, as companies in particular play an important role here. The reduction of plastic packaging, reforestation and the switch to digital content are at the foreground. We at RaidSonic are rising to this challenge.

How do we contribute to environmental protection?

Even if we are still at the beginning of our new direction, we can already point to many successes. For example, we have completely eliminated plastic from our packaging and instead use recycled cardboard. In addition, we train our employees to carefully separate waste so that it can be reprocessed after disposal.

A significant change is the conversion to paperless invoicing and salary accounting. This means that our employees and contract partners only receive their pay slips and invoices digitally as PDFs. This allows us to save several kilogrammes of paper annually and to act faster and more flexibly.

But not only the renunciation of synthetic substances and paper is in the foreground for us. The conversion of our products is one of our highest priorities. We have already started to make our products more energy-efficient.

2. CHERRY DW 9100 SLIM Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

The CHERRY DW 9100 SLIM desktop set stands out due to its innovative functions, excellent workmanship and very flat design. The keyboard contains an integrated metal plate, lending it optimal sturdiness and stability. If you prefer a steeper angle while typing, you can adjust the wireless keyboard using the removable magnetic strip. High stability is ensured by the metal plate, which prevents bending and bounding when typing. Regardless of mobile working, in the office or home office. The DW 9100 SLIM Desktop is your constant, stylish companion. The choice of Bluetooth® or wireless connection means you are flexibly equipped for all eventualities.

The Benefits
Innovative functions and flat design
Wireless mouse and keyboard
Rechargeable batteries that last for weeks
To save battery life, the keyboard and mouse can be switched off easily with a push of a button
Bluetooth connectivity

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The Benefits

  • Completely
  • waterproof
  • Perfect for use outdoors or in manfucaturing plants
  • Panel mount from below allows the keyboard to be bolted into place
  • Vandal resistant
  • Highly reilable

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If you need some more convincing, why not read about how stainless steel is a green product and better for the environment.


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